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Song of the Soul

Urvian Fr. Kuryan George
Area: 11000 Sqft
Location: Peerumedu, Kerala, India
Category: Recreation Centre

Eco-friendly recreation centre in a naturally beautiful location.

We live in a fast world.We don’t have free times and relaxations. But we are dreaming of the free.but where? when?

Song of the soul welcomes you to an eco-friendly campus. We used mud as a major building material for keeping the sustainable environment.

Mud is environmentally the most sustainable material. Besides its obvious eco-friendly nature, it’s easy availability makes it almost a no-cost material, abundantly present, generally on the site itself.

This cost-effective material is also energy efficient .which includes low embodied energy and produce less amount of carbon.

  • Building with natural material has a great past, but also a promising future.
  • It is definitely an appropriate, cost and energy –efficient and eco-friendly technology which can promote a sustainable future.
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