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Urvian : Hassan Shafi
Area: 2500 Sqft
Location: Perumathura, Kerala
Category: Sustainable Home

The project is an Eco-friendly house named as ‘Mancheraad’ for an Environmentalist.

Today we face climate change, resource depletion, energy decline, pollution and destruction of our ecosystems. The Sustainable architecture has the potential to help address some of the problems that we face as a global society. So we are giving a small model house design seems like a logical way to tackle these problems.

It aims for a continually evolving high quality of life for each resident, ecologically responsible, and harmonious relation with our natural environment.


  1. BAMBOO PILING – Used Bamboo from the site for the piling.

 2.Rammed Earth 240 cm thick wall: This is perhaps the most energy efficiency wall building technique Existing in the world. it is also very strong with dry crushing compressive strength ranging from 6 mpa-8mpa, they are stronger than most of the existing blocks burned or unburned. Used mud from the site.

  1. Filler slab: Used terracotta pots as filler in concrete minimizing the requirement of steel and other concrete materials.

4.Brick Vault: Brick vaults used as the roof which gives avoid of concrete and steels.

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