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Lapture Self Sustainable Village

Urvian : TQ8 plantations
Area: 60,000 SQ FT
Location: kuttiady,kozhikode,kerala,India
Category: self sustainable village

Sustainable architecture designs and constructs buildings in order to limit their environmental impact, with the objectives of achieving energy efficiency, positive impacts on health, comfort and improved livability for inhabitants; all of this can be achieved through the implementation of appropriate technologies within the building. Sustainable architecture means being able to satisfy consumers’ requests, taking the time and natural resources needed into consideration from the very early stages of the project, entering the context in the most natural way possible, planning ahead by making the space and materials employed completely reusable.

The buildings should be modular, constructed with elements and materials that can be easily retrieved, reused and disposed of without causing any pollution by recycling them integrally or globally. The separation of modern elements, composed of various layers of materials that have been stuck together chemically, poses a serious problem for recycling.

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