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Dew Dale

Urvian : Dr. Nisamudheen
Area: 2400 Sqft
Location: Karakulam, Kerala
Category: Sustainable Home

The project is a sustainable house named as ‘DEW DALE’ for a Naturopathic doctor. These days, naturopathy practitioners are increasingly making use of mud or moistened earth for treating various health problems. It has been found to be effective in curing a wide variety of disorders, such as conjunctivitis, congestion, headaches, skin problems, glaucoma etc. Mud therapy in naturopathy involves the scientific use of moistened earth in a proper manner, so as to benefit the body from within.

so we used mud as building material for a continually evolving high quality of life for each resident, ecologically responsible, and harmonious relation with our natural environment.


  1. RAMMED EARTH FOUNDATION – This is the foundation which is most effective earthquake resistance technique existing in the world. It is also very strong with dry crushing compressive strength ranging from 6 mpa-8mpa. So we reduced 20-25 loads of laterate. Process involving ramming of earth stabilized cement around 5% in different layers 9 cm thick (compressed from initial thickness of13cm) another effective and sustainable method of construction. Used mud from the site.
  2. Rammed Earth 240 cm thick wall: This is perhaps the most energy efficiency wall building technique Existing in the world . it is also very  strong with dry crushing compressive strength ranging from 6 mpa-8mpa , they are more stronger than most of the existing blocks burned or unburned. Used mud from the site.
  1. Filler slab  : Used terracotta tiles as filler in concrete minimizing the requirement of steel and other concrete materials.
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