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Amara Ayurvedic Resort

Urvian : Flemin Welben
Area: 210000 Sqft
Location: Kovalam, Kerala, India
Category: Resort

Ayurveda practitioners are increasingly making use of mud.

Mud is an element of the earth that is said to possess therapeutic properties. It is made of a combination of soil, silt, clay and water. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and plant substance. Scholars believe that it was the Romans who discovered the therapy of Mud baths as early as 120 B.C. Today we know that mud helps to draw out excess heat and cool the body. Its property of water solubility allows the skin to absorb nourishing nutrients when applied.

so we used mud for the construction of ayurvedic resort for a continually evolving high quality of life for each resident, ecologically responsible, and harmonious relation with our natural environment.


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